The Heart That Knows

Book by Charlie Rhindress   Music and Lyrics by Dean Burry

Based on the novel by Charles G. D. Roberts

“Rhindress has met the challenge of fitting a story involving 20 years and dozens of characters into a two hour drama that excites you on many different levels…The Heart That Knows will beat long and strong.” – Sackville Tribune Post

Michael McPhee and Meredith Zwicker in a promo shot for The Heart That Knows, Live Bait Theatre, 2008

Known as the father of Canadian poetry, Charles G.D. Roberts’ work was heavily influenced by the geography of Sackville and the surrounding marshes. This musical adaptation of his most famous novel is  set in late 19th Century New Brunswick and features revenge, exotic locales, adventures at sea and mistaken identities, but ultimately it’s a love story that takes twenty years to come to its conclusion.

Cast Requirements: 3 Males/3 Females/1 Male child (9 or 10 years old)/Full band (extensive doubling)

Premiered at Live Bait Theatre, 2008

“…a joy to watch and listen to…As the curtain comes down, you realize that Mary Ellen MacLean has directed a powerful play that brings you to your feet.” – Halifax Chronicle Herald

“…(an) intimate production that offered a nuanced retelling of a nostalgic sense of a community and a region.” Identity Across Genres, Across Communities…, an article by Glen Nichols comparing the Live Bait Theatre production of The Heart That Knows with a production of Pélagie at the Pays de la Sagouine theme park in Bouctouche, NB. Read the full article here.

SONG FROM THE SHOW Here is a short clip of Michael McPhee performing the song “The Last Thing I Can Do.” The quality isn’t great as it was filmed live in performance from a distance, but it gives a flavour of the show. Click here to watch.

IN THE BEGINNING: Read the first few pages of The Heart That Knows here. If you are considering producing the show please contact me at charlierhindress[at]hotmail[dot]com to receive an electronic copy of the full script.