I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was seven years old. I always dreamed of being a movie star or on a hit sitcom. That has yet to happen, but I have been lucky enough to work as an actor for much of my adult life. Most of my work has been in theatre, but I’ve done some film and TV and I’ve shared some clips below. If you’re a producer/director looking for a funny, chubby guy I might just be your man! ?  My resumé with some of my favourite roles is here.


I was a co-founder and Artistic Director of Live Bait Theatre in Sackville, NB. Over the course of twenty years I gave myself some of the best parts a young actor could ask for. I’ve also had the opportunity to act around the country at a few different theatres including Nakai Theatre, Notable Acts, Neptune Theatre, The Chester Playhouse, Mulgrave Road Theatre and the Ships Company. I’ve been very lucky to be directed by some great directors, including Mary-Lou Martin, Daniel MacIvor, Emma Tibaldo, Philip Adams, Sarah Stanley, Karen Valanne, Don Hannah and Marcia Kash.  A few of my favourite roles are Lola in Sky Gilbert’s Lola Starr Builds Her Dream Home, Ben in David French’s Of the Fields, Lately, Herchel in Paul Ledoux and David S. Young’s Fire, one of the three actors in The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shakspr (abridged) and Bruno inLorne Elliott’s Tourist Trap. Unfortunately, theatre disappears as soon as the show is done so I have little to share here beyond my memories and a bunch of pictures, some of which appear above.


I love working in film and television. I’ve been lucky enough to be in quite a few movies and tv shows, but I’ve never had a really big part. I tend to show up in one scene and then disappear, but that usually means I get to act with one of the stars which is kind of fun. I’ve gotten to meet and be on screen with Rob Lowe, Julia Ormond, Cloris Leachman, Jane Curtin, Billy Baldwin and John Hurt among others.

For my full filmography check out my IMDB page here.

ProLine Commercial

I think it’s fair to say that my most memorable on screen appearance to date was not in a movie or tv show. It was probably this ProLine commercial where I played a “local legend” named Chet Flanagan. He’s a fun character. I don’t speak and it’s just thirty seconds long, but it played for a couple of years so a lot of people got to see it.

Actor Reel

About fifteen years ago I created an actor reel with clips from a few film and tv projects I appeared in between 2000 and 2005. The sound seems to be a little out of sync in a couple of places, but it gives you an idea of some of the stuff I’ve done.

Red Rover

One of my largest roles on screen was in a horror film called Red Rover that was shot in New Brunswick in 2003. I got to have a few scenes with Billy Baldwin and Jody Lynn O’Keefe, but I was really thrilled that my friend, Deb Allen, who has played my mother on stage twice, was my mother here. The film wasn’t widely distributed, but I think it’s actually pretty good.

Here’s a link to the TRAILER.

And here are a few clips from my scenes in the movie:


MR. D.

More recently, I was in the first episode of Season Five of Mr. D. Apparently, this scene was a bit of an homage to a similar scene from Shawshank Redemption, but I had no idea when I went to shoot it. One of these days I’ll have to watch that movie again. ?


The Healer

A few years ago I was in a movie called The Healer. It was released in 2017 and didn’t get much attention at the time. However, in early April, 2020 it was released on Netflix and the last time I checked it was #3 on their Canadian Top Ten list. I only speak in one scene, but there is a later scene in a church where I show up as well. I was sitting with the director’s wife so I got to be in the front pew and the camera cut to us a number of times. 

The film is set in Nova Scotia and the province looks beautiful. It also features a number of wonderful East Coast actors. A couple of months ago I was watching the TV series, House on Haunted Hill. I kept thinking that the actor who played Luke looked really familiar. I later read his name and realized I was in a movie with him! He’s the lead in The Healer. He’s great.

One last interesting fact. All proceeds from the movie go to a charity for sick children. The writer/director, Paco Arango, worked with Paul Newman and was inspired by Newman’s camps for sick children. Arango was great to work with and a lovely person.


Entertainment Weekly ran a feature about the movie a couple of years. You can read that here and if you scroll down through the story you’ll see a clip from the movie. It just happens to be the only scene where I get to speak!

Harry’s Island

A couple of years ago I was in Harry’s Island, a German movie shot in Nova Scotia. I did my scene with an actor who spoke German while I spoke English. Because I had no idea what he was saying I sort of had to guess when my cue was, based on body language and listening for a few sounds I had tried to memorize. I was later dubbed and it looks like I speak German fluently! It’s weird to see someone else’s voice come out of my mouth. Harrys Insel(as it was called in German) was broadcast on television in Germany in 2018 and was viewed by over four million people. P.S. The camera adds ten pounds. They were using four cameras that day.

Click HERE to watch my scene and to hear my German actor voice.