Okay, I haven’t had anything produced for film or TV. But I want to. And I have done some of the writing. I just haven’t found anyone to produce my projects.

I won’t list every idea I’ve ever had, but here are the scripts that I’ve actually spent some time developing and am ready to work on as soon as I can find an interested producer. If you are said producer, please drop me a line at charlierhindress[at]hotmail[dot]com.


MINE TO KILL – I’ve written two different treatments for a film based on my play, Guilty! The Story of the Great Amherst Mystery. One version is a fairly faithful retelling of Esther Cox’s story as related by Walter Hubbell in his book about the case, The Great Amherst Mystery. The other version is set in the present day and tells the story of a young woman researching Esther Cox’s story. The film goes back and forth between what happened to Esther and the young woman who thinks she’s possessed by Esther’s ghosts. I’m currently attempting to write a screenplay different than either of these that relies less on my play but goes back to the original story.

UNDER THE NIGHT – I have written the outline for a film adaptation of this musical thriller which I co-wrote with Dean Burry. This film tells the story of a young man obsessed with his mother’s diary and its tale of werewolves in 15th century Romania.  He eventually finds himself torn between living in the real world and the one of his imagination.  The music is a dynamic blend of Broadway style show tunes, contemporary pop songs and traditional gypsy styles. I think the world needs a musical werewolf film!


THE COTTAGERS – I developed this project with Tara Doyle. We wrote a full Bible for the series which we described  as an edgy family sitcom that is equal parts Modern Family and Arrested Development. The series tells the story of a middle aged couple and their extended family. When a fire destroys their run down cottage Bill and Mary use the insurance money to build a beautiful new one, only to have every relative they know, and some they don’t, land on their doorstep.  The old cottage was over run by mice; the new cottage is over run by family.  They miss the mice.

RISE AGAIN – This half hour comedy is part sketch comedy, part family sitcom and part variety show. Inspired by my play, The Maritime Way of Life, this half hour black comedy is everything outsiders expect “the maritime way of life” to be. Just exaggerated by ten. Or twenty. The McGarritys think they’re proud, hardworking, simple folk, when in fact they’re kind of lazy, a little bit manipulative and a whole lot devious. Five actors play everyone in the whole town. Each week will feature a different East Coast guest star. In the middle of a scene Ashley MacIsaac might burst in to play his fiddle or Bette MacDonald might drop by to do a stand-up routine. It’s just a good ol’ fashioned kitchen party all the time, but it’s ultimately a dark, hilarious comedy that will make you laugh, then make you squirm. I have written a Bible for this series.

HOME – I developed this hour long dramedy with Cathy Jones. Six young people grew up together in a small town.  Some went off to pursue their dreams, others stayed behind.  But now, over thirty years later, they find each other again, in the lounge of a nursing home. Familiar faces, now lined with the experiences of a lifetime, each has a story to tell.  Stories of dreams deferred, of dreams pursued, of unexpected paths taken. Now they must face what was inevitably left behind: their youth and many of their dreams. Caring for dying parents, while trying to help their grown children find their way, they  look in both directions:  death and hope for tomorrow.  They wonder where they belong.  They search for a purpose.  Do they get ready to die or get busy living again? You can’t go home again, or can you? I don’t have a full Bible for this series, but have established the main and supporting characters as well as their eventual arcs.