Reader Be Thou Also Ready

Based on the novel by Robert James

“Reader Be Thou Also Ready is the best theatre I have seen in years. This is what great theatre is all about – remembering and telling our own stories.” – Margaret Tusz-King

A tombstone in the Methodist Cemetery in Sackville, NB, tells the story of the murder of William Fawcett in 1832. He was shot through his kitchen window while reading his bible and the murderer was never found. The rather detailed retelling on the gravestone ends with the warning, “Reader Be Thou Also Ready.” This historical thriller, based in part on the novel of the same name,  explores the circumstances surrounding the unsolved murder and the family intrigue and betrayal that followed.

Cast Requirements: 3 males/1 female

Premiered at Live Bait Theatre, July 2015

“Last night’s performance seemed almost too good to be true…If you love theatre and want to be wooed by masters of the art, please do not miss this production.” – Steeves House Museum

IN THE BEGINNING: Read the first few pages of Reader Be Thou Also Ready here. If you are considering producing the show please contact me at charlierhindress[at}hotmail[dot]com to receive an electronic copy of the full script.

Photo of tombstone by Thaddeus Holownia