Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours

Adapted from the novel by Bruce Graham

“A fast paced comedic drama. A story that connects wonderfully to the stuff of human life…” – Halifax Chronicle Herald

Set in a tiny town in Nova Scotia in the 1950’s, this comedic drama is part Corner Gas, part Trailer Park Boys and part Peyton Place. Ivor Johnson presides over his neighbourhood of loveable misfits and their endless adventures, offering advice, a loan or sometimes just an ear. The play captures the daily lives of  a neighbourhood in a small fictional town covering everything from teen pregnancy to the emergence of women’s liberation.

Cast Requirements: 5 Females/3 Males

Premiered at The Ship’s Company Theatre, 2009

Subsequently produced by Theatre NorthWest, Prince George, BC, 2010

“Adapted from a novel by Bruce Graham, Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours is much more than a slice of life play. It’s a sampling of a bygone era that appeals to all ages…it’s good fun despite dealing with serious issues like broken hearts, dashed dreams, teen pregnancy and unemployment.” – Prince George Free Press

Set box office records at Ship’s Company Theatre and was held over at Theatre NorthWest.

IN THE BEGINNING: Read the first few pages of Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours here. If you are considering producing the show please contact me at charlierhindress[at]hotmail[dot]com to receive an electronic copy of the full script.