“…no work in this anthology takes as much pleasure playing with our fetish for tradition as Charlie Rhindress’s unabashedly self-referential Maritime Way of Life. Barton, by drawing heavily from Rhindress’s work in his introduction and by giving it the opening slot in the anthology, wisely uses this work as a prism through which the rest of the anthology can be understood.” – Josh Weale, Book Review from Theatre Research in Canada.

This was the first time one of my scripts was published and I was very excited when Bruce Barton decided to include The Maritime Way of Life in this collection of Maritime plays. I was, and am, honoured to be included with playwrights like Daniel MacIvor, Norm Foster, Michael Melski and Bryden MacDonald. They’re not only great playwrights, but I’m friends with most of them.

FROM AMAZON: The list of authors included here encompasses many of Canada’s most celebrated playwrights as well as new writers whose works continue to define the form and potential of drama on Canada’s East Coast. Spanning genres from domestic and historical drama and traditional comedy through biting satire and opera libretto, the collection demonstrates the distinctive breadth, originality, and vitality of contemporary work in Canada’s Maritime region.

There is a full review of the book from Theatre Research in Canada here.


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