Making Contact

“Rhindress’s writing is sharp and well observed…Smith is heartbreakingly funny…MacKinnon is a charming Bobby…listening to their bumbling attempts at conversation is the play’s true pleasure. Their reflections on the path their lives have taken, their relationships with loved ones and their thoughts about God – or the Force or Shared Collective Energy – are wise and thought provoking.” – Halifax Chronicle Herald

Making Contact is a romantic comedy for fifty-somethings.  Shirley is an astrophysicist who worked at NASA and the top secret Area 51. She has recently retired and returned to her small Maritime hometown.  Bobby was a hockey star in high school whose big dreams were never realized. He has never left his hometown. We soon discover that they went to high school together, but have not seen each other in over thirty years. Although their lives have taken very different paths, they eventually come to realize that they have more in common than they don’t. These are two lonely people needing to believe that there is something more.  And by the end of the play they just may find it.

Cast Requirements: One Male/One Female

Premiered at the Ship’s Company Theatre, 2013

IN THE BEGINNING: Read the first few pages of Making Contact here. If you are considering producing the show please contact me at charlierhindress[at[hotmail[dot]com to receive an electronic copy of the full script.