The War of Conditioning

Poster from the premiere of The War of Conditioning, which was part of a double bill with Samuel Beckett. Good company indeed! 🙂

Premiered at the Motyer-Fancy Theatre, Mount Allison University, March 28, 2019.

I wrote this play in 1993 and it sat in a box until 2019. Jarod Monk, a student at Mount Allison University, told me he was looking for a one act play to direct as part of his directing course at school. I showed him the script and he liked it enough that he decided to give the show its premiere – twenty-six years after it was written.

The play is set in a world where homosexuality is the norm and religion is outlawed. It’s a world where babies come from test tubes and people aren’t “related” in a traditional sense. It explores what is “normal” and how much of that is based on societal expectations rather than any kind of logic. I had a lot to say with this play when I wrote it in 1993, but by the time it was produced in 2019 society had, for the most part, caught up with me and I’m not convinced that it worked in this new world.

The students who worked on the show were very committed and did a great job. And I’m happy that I finally got to see it with an audience. However, I learned a lesson that sometimes writing that is deserted has been deserted for a good reason.

Cast Requirements: 1 Female/3 Males

Not currently available for production.